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“Shepard on the beat hoe!” That’s what people would say if Shepard produced music. Not only did Hennessy’s latest collaboration lead to a beautiful one-of-a-kind bottle but it also brought art and music together. Personally, I had no idea that Shepard Fairey knows how to spin on the 1s and 2s. I did however know that he was the creative genius behind OBEY clothing and the amazing art pieces seen around many urban cities. On October 2, Shepard was in Toronto for the official launch of his Hennessy VS Shepard Fairey limited edition bottle.


This was a special visit because it was ONLY stop in Canada! The bottle features the iconic OBEY symbol in the centre of the label, his popular star symbol and additional illustrative design elements. Shepard Fairey created something wholly unique—a bottle that showcases his style as an artist as well as the heritage, character and quality that forms the foundation of Hennessy.

While visiting Toronto, Shepard Fairey made sure he left his mark in the city with two murals.

You can catch the OBEY eye on the side of Tattoo Nightclub (567 Queen St. W):


You can catch the Rise Above on the side of the Gladstone Hotel:

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 8.42.20 PM

The Hennessy VS Limited Edition Shepard Fairey bottle is available at the LCBO but act FAST cause once it’s sold out, it’s gone forever!

With two months left to go, Love Apparatus is making its way to my top 10 albums of 2014. Jesse Boykins III released another amazing visual off his album for his record “Show Me Who You Are.” If you still haven’t heard any of Jesse’s music then you should go on YouTube or Soundcloud right now!

Pretty Flacko back in this $hit.


It sounds like Rick Ross and Beat Billionaire just keep sampling Cortex’s Troupeau Bleu album. Consider this a preview of Stalley’s debut MMG album Ohio. Shit is for the sreeeeeets! October 27th, pay attention. HA!

keys n krates

The second single from Toronto’s Keys N Krates forthcoming Every Nite EP, “Understand Why” combines loopy, pitched up 90s house vocals, knocking rap drums, epic synths, big bass, and haunting voices to form a genre defying banger.


No losers here. 2014 may be coming to a close but Becky Hill is just getting started. Listen to the amazing new single ‘Losing’ from Becky Hill’s forthcoming debut album. It’s an instant smash hit and it just proves why Becky Hill is the one to watch out for! With MNEK backing her up, there will only be winners with her debut album.


With their debut album SIRENS coming out October 6th, Gorgon City release another amazing track from the album. If you haven’t been sleeping in a hole or listening to the same bullshit on your iPod, then you know that Gorgon City has been taking over the airwaves with their summer anthem “Ready For Your Love”, featuring MNEK. Well… in the UK they have. Toronto needs to step their shit up and introduce these guys in our airwaves!


Remember that signer out of Toronto named Ayah? No? Well don’t worry, she doesn’t want you to remember either because that girl is gone! Now going by the name Merna, we get a new track properly titled “Young & Reckless”. I just hope we hear some Merna and Slakah The Beatchild songs in the near future.


The summer’s over and PARTY wants to spend Fall with you. Tickets go on sale this Thursday on Ticketmaster. I’ve been waiting to see this guy live! I can’t wait!


When you add Theophilus and Jesse together nothing can go wrong. I think they are two artists who are really underrated for their talents and creativity. Jesse dropped his album Love Apparatus in June and I think it’s the best R&B album of 2014. Produced by Brodinski and Club Cheval, “Tribe” is the first single from Theophilus’ upcoming album. Oh, and Karl Lagerfeld is serving as the art director for this new project. HYPE!

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