02/27/10 was a fantastic day for Canada! It all started with the long track speed skate-men’s team pursuit. Denny Morrison (B.C.), Lucas Makowsky (Sask) and Mathieu Giroux (Que) raced and beat the United States to claim Canada’s 11th gold. Just minutes after, Jasey-Jay Anderson (pictured) from Montreal beat Austria’s Benjamin Karl (who started off with an advantage) and won Canada’s 12th gold in snowboard-men’s parallel giant slalom. To finished off the day, Keven Martin and his team went undefeated in the final game against Norway in men’s curling. The Canadian team defeated Norway 6-3 and won Canada’s 13th gold medal. Tomorrow, Canada’s men’s hockey team will face off against the US and try to claim Canada’s 14th gold. Lets celebrate this victorious day with T.I’s song Swagga Like Us featuring Yeezy, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. No one the corner has gold like us, gold like us, gold like us!

HT: Swagga Like Us (feat. Yeezy, Jay-Z, Weezy) – T.I.