Canada has been springing up talented artists like crazy. Drake has been taking over the game of hip-hop, Justin Bieber is dominating the pop charts and Melanie Fiona has taken her powerful voice to the Grammys. It is time for a fresh voice to emerge and Jenna Andrews is ready for everything and anything! Born in Calgary, Alberta, Jenna Andrews knew at a very young age that she was born to become a recording artist. With her determination, Jenna packed up everything she had, hopped in her car and journeyed to Vancouver. She went through ups and downs but she never gave up her dreams and all her hard work paid off by getting signed to Island Def Jam Records. After releasing her single Tumbin’ Down, people quickly started noticing the soul and heart in Jenna Andrews’ voice. I had the privilege to interview Jenna Andrews. I asked her what kept driving her, talk about her record Tumblin’ Down, what can we expect from her debut album and more.

Heroin Tracks – Jenna Andrews Interview:

Heroin Tracks: Coming from Calgary; which is known for their world famous Stampede, western bars & country music, how did you find your soulful voice?

Jenna Andrews: I grew up listening to all my moms records, she played anything from Donny Hathaway, Billie Holiday, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, to Carol King, James Taylor, Lucinda Williams, basically I had a very soulful upbringing.

Heroin Tracks: You started performing when you were 6 years old, wow, what drived you to keep going on with your dream of becoming a recording artist?

Jenna Andrews: Purely the love of music and the thought of doing anything else never struck a chord in me.

Heroin Tracks: The journey you took to become a recording artist was tough, was it the experience that made the record “Tumblin’ Down” a personal one? Also, congratulations on having the song being featured in Greys Anatomy!

Jenna Andrews: Yes I would absolutely say that Tumblin Down was a reflection of what I went through on my journey, there can be alot of bumps in the road, but the pay off always comes from getting back up again.

Heroin Tracks: After being signed to Island Def Jam Records, has it opened up more opportunities to work with singers/song writers, and who are you most excited to work with?

Jenna Andrews: Yes being signed to Island has definitely opened doors, I have worked with some pretty incredible singer/songwriter/producers that I had always dreamt of working with. I was most excited to work with Babyface and Max Martin, both very surreal.

Heroin Tracks: With the success of Drake, Justin Beiber, Melanie Fiona; what are your thoughts on Canada’s impact in the word of music?

Jenna Andrews: Amazing and so Inspiring!

Heroin Tracks: What can we expect to hear from your debut album? Can you give Heroin Tracks anything exclusive about your debut album?

Jenna Andrews: My album is very pure and honest, it shows all variations of my personality, from front to back it tells a story of my journey. I can tell u that the album is called “Moon and the Stars”

Heroin Tracks: What is your “Heroin Track?”

Jenna Andrews: Grenade- Bruno Mars

Heroin Tracks: Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to chat with me! You have an amazing voice and an awesome personality. Can’t wait to see and hear what you have in store for the future! Much love and respect!

Jenna Andrews: No Problem! My pleasure! xx

Amazing talent never goes unheard, and when you put all you have into something you truly love, in the end it will be worth the struggle. Just look at Jenna Andrews. If you want to learn more about Calgary’s soulful Jenna Andrews and to hear some of her tracks you can visit her official website and follow her on Twitter.