Coming from one of Canada’s Maritime provinces, this Nova Scotian artist known as Kay is bring her fresh new sound and her bubbly attitude into the world of music with her blend of pop and hip-hop, yea thats right, hip-hop. At a young age, Kay was influenced by the 1990s era of hip-hop and r&b, everything from Missy Elliot and the early Busta Rhymes to Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey. After high school Kay moved to the westcoast and set out on her dream of become a recording artist. On her journey from Vancouver to Los Angeles and London, Kay already started to work with heavyweight producers such as Tiesto, Danja and Ryan Tedder to perfect her unique sound. Kay is currently in the studio finishing up her debut album which will be released on Interscope/Universal. Kay’s hard hitting buzz single ‘My Name Is Kay’ is currently turning heads of all music lovers and it really shows her amazing talents, everything from her rap skills to her singing vocals. I wanted to learn more about the rising star from Nova Scotia that is Kay and in this exclusive interview we talk about her music influences, what makes her stand out, her motivations and her debut album.

Heroin Tracks – Kay Interview:

Heroin Tracks: Born in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia; how young were you when you decide that music would be apart of your life? What inspired you to become an artist in the pop/hip-hop genre?

Kay: I originally wanted to be a nurse and a bus driver, then I started school I had a change of heart and decided I wanted to be a singer. Growing up my sister introduced me to 90’s hip-hop and r&b and I have always been obsessed with listening to the radio. I love everything. I have a dream of doing a country song with Dolly Parton someday. So who knows…

Heroin Tracks: Having been to cities like Los Angeles, London, Denver and Vancouver, how has that helped your journey as an artist?

Kay: Travelling is an addiction for me and it’s 110% helped me creatively. I love meeting new people and getting recommendations on new music to listen to. I always ask everyone for their recommendations or if they had a theme song for lets say walking down the street, what would it be? Mine has always been Tom Jones – She’s a Lady. I think that sums up my personality.

Heroin Tracks: How does your music sound distinct from other female artists like Gwen Stefani, Fergie and Missy Elliot?

Kay: I LOVE those women. They are three of my favourites. I can’t tell you how long I spent trying to be Missy Elliot, but I’m not. It’s actually been something I’ve only recently let go of. There is only one Missy, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to recreate “The Rain (SupaDupa Fly)” video every time I pick up a black garbage bag. I love her!!

Heroin Tracks: Working with producers like Ryan Teddy, Danja, Bangladesh and Tiesto, what can we expect to hear from your debut album? Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with?

Kay: The album is soulful, pop, hip-hop and maybe even a bit controversial. As for collaborations, the album isn’t even done and I’ve got some MASSIVE hitters. Not sure how I’m pulling this off, but I think people are going to crap their pants.

Heroin Tracks: What are your thoughts on the current success of Canadian artists?

Kay: I’m the typical proud Canadian that loves beer, bacon and Drake. Not to mention if Bieber fever was fatal I’d be dead. People are stoked on Canadian artists right now and I plan on riding those coattails for as long as I can 😉

Heroin Tracks: What motivates you to keep going after your passion?

Kay: I used to think “Why can’t someone just give me a chance, I know I can do it”. Now I owe everything to the people that took that chance on me. What motivates me is making my mum and dad proud, and showing everyone that has ever helped me that it’s be worth something.

Heroin Tracks: What is your Heroin Track?

Kay: Right now I gotta say J Cole – Blow Up. I love songs that make me want to succeed.

Heroin Tracks: Thank you Kay for taking the time to chat with me, you’re bring something fresh into the music world and I can’t wait to see your career blossom! Much love and respect!

Kay: Thank you!! I’m just starting out and it means the world to me that you have taking the time to check out what this kid is doing. Hearts!!

Kay has the image, the right attitude and the passion to become a successful recording artist. Her creativity and blending different genres of music is what will make her climb the charts hit after hit. If you want to learn more about Kay you can visit her official website, find her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter and check out her videos on YouTube.