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The 5’5″ Canadian pop princess, Kay, releases her brand new video for her single, produced by Ryan Tedder, Diddy Dum. Kay’s raps are so damn catchy! This video is a clear representation on how Kay’s personality is. She’s fun, exciting, and her attitude is awesome! Kay was recently on the Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour with LMFAO and The Far East Movement. Now Kay is going on tour with Hedley, which is going all across Canada. You can find this track on Kay’s new My Name Is Kay-EP, which is available on iTunes.

Grammy award winner, Bon Iver releases his brand new video for his single Towers, which you can find on his award winning self-titled album. This album still gives me the chills. It’s filled with so many emotions and I haven’t heard or felt and album like this in years.

The future of hip-hop or r&b is Blue!

The Throne finally release their much anticipated video for their 2x platinum single, Niggas In Paris. Having performed this song numerous times at their Watch The Throne Tour last year, they take footage from their Staples Center performance and make it the video. It is pretty trippy so be careful watching it! hahaha! But yeah, I was hoping they actually would have shot the video in Paris, but whatever. The video still sends the message, that the song gets the people going! I just hope they release a Watch The Throne Tour Blu Ray.

Toronto has a lot of up and coming artists, and J Shiltz is one of them. You know what, I gotta give it up to him! This beat is hot and his flow is smooth and sharp. J Shiltz also gets the help of Nish Raawks, Wio-K, and Junia-T on Gimme That Flow 2. If you haven’t heard the original Gimme That Flow, it’s just J Shiltz on the mic with a much harder beat by Lancecape. But of corse, I prefer the softer beats! You can find this track on J Shiltz debut album, What I Stand For, which you can download for free.

OK Go always have the best music videos! They are so fucking creative! For their new video, Needing/Getting, the band partnered up with Chevrolet and made the car, the Chevy Sonic actually play instruments. With over 1000 instruments set up like a race track in the desert of Los Angeles, the car was modified with arms and microphones on top. If you are wondering, yes, the car was actually driven by lead singer Damian! He took stunt driving lessons. The video took 4 months to prepare and 4 days to shoot and record. I know it’s early, but this may be the best video of the year!

One of my favourite bands right now, Bon Iver performed last night on Saturday Night Live with guest host Channing Tatum. The group performed their Grammy nominated single, Holocene and later Beth/Rest. They did perform in Toronto last year and I missed it, but hopefully they will come back cause I wanna see them live! Listen and feel the music!

The musical rebel that is Maya aka M.I.A. releases her brand new video for her Danja produced single Bad Girls. The video was shot entirely in Morocco cause lets face it, there are no rules on their roads to not do shit like this (and I’ve seen an actually video on the web like this).

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