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Sure the Slaughterhouse team doesn’t have Jay-Z or Bill Gates money, but I am damn sure Swizzy got money to blow. Produced by Mr. Porter, ‘Throw It Away’ is a high fuelled energy record that will make anyone in the club act reckless. I really thought for sure that Swizz crafted this beast. There have been A LOT of club smashing charting topping hits this summer. I wonder what record will take over?

New day, a brand new track from Alicia Keys! Today, Alicia Keys released her new track New Day, which is produced by her hubby, Swizz Beatz. After having her baby and being a mother, Key’s is ready to get back into the game. I still think her album As I Am is one of the greatest R&B album, so I’m excited to hear what new sounds she will have on her new album. Though I love Swizzy, I just hope the whole album isn’t just full of his beats. New Day is an awesome record full of energy!

“DJ” Khaled links up with two of the biggest hit makers right now, Kanye West and Rick Ross, on the new club banger I Wish You Would. Khaled is known to throw money into making the biggest hits and he does it once again. Produced by Hit-Boy, don’t expect sharp lyrics on this single, just hard hitting bass with catchy rhymes. I bet you Khaled has a thousand of these type of records in his iPod.

Directed by Anthony Mandler, Lana Del Rey grabs A$AP Rocky for her new video National Anthem. In the video, Lana Del Rey plays Jackie Kennedy and A$AP Rocky puts on a suit as the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Yeah, that’s right, “dat pretty motha fucka” is role playing a USA president! I wish I was in my 20s during the 60s. That fashion era is so classy and clean. As a matter of fact, National Anthem looks like one big Instagram video! Hahaha!

Drake smoking shisha, new music in TDot.

Take a look inside the life of Rick Ross’ power circle. With the release of Self Made Vol. 2, the Maybach Music clique along with Gunplay and Kendrick Lamar, release their new video Power Circle. I highly suggest you pick Self Made Vol. 2 up! It’s got beats to make your car go boooom! Now we wait for Ross’ highly anticipated album, God Forgive, I Don’t.

So it takes a Wiz Khalifa record to bring the old 50 Cent grime back? Good enough for me! Produced by Harry Fraud, Telescope reminds me of those Get Rich or Die Tryin’ days. I’m a huge fan of Wiz and to hear him colab with 50 on this smokers tune sound just right. God I hope O.N.I.F.C. will be just as good.

Every track that Nasir has released from his new album Life Is Good has been amazing! Produced by NO I.D., Accident Murderers speaks so much truth. Every time this is a gang related shooting or and targeted shooting, someone innocent always ends up getting hurt. Nas is the best storyteller in hip-hop. Ross also delivered a sharp verse but his content didn’t go with Nas. I can’t wait for Life Is Good, July 17.

Finally, Franky has come out with the lead single for his upcoming debut album, Channel Orange! Ocean has also announced that he will be going on tour for his album. The Channel Orange Tour will be coming to Canada and Ocean will be stoping in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto (ew, fuck The Guvernment). I think Frank Ocean is a waaaaay better singer and songwriter than The Weeknd (and yes I know, I know, he is from Toronto). I am not, in anyway bashing The Weeknd, but from what I’ve heard, Ocean is a better performer live and I just prefer his classic R&B voice. Listening to Pyramids now, I have HIGH expectations for Ocean’s Channel Orange this July!

No, this ain’t no fucking interview with the great HOV! We are witnessing another Kanye West all over again. Hit-Boy has produced so many chart topping singles (Niggas In Paris for example), and now he is ready to grab the mic! The rhymes coming from Hit-Boy on Jay-Z Interview are pretty solid. He basically just raps about how far he has come in his life. We have seen Jay-Z mentor Kanye and look how that has turned out. Now it’s Kanye who is guiding Hit-Boy (who is signed to G.O.O.D. Music btw). Kanye only works with the best and he has a shit load of talented rappers on his label so he must see something in Hit-Boy. I think Hit-Boy should drop a mixtape so we can really tell if he is serious.

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