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Now I may not be a fan of diced pineapples, though I do enjoy them on my veggie pizza, this track on the other hand tastes good! Produced by Cardiak and Toronto’s very own T-Minus, Rozay releases ‘Diced Pineapples’ which features Drake and Wale. Wale gives a great spoken word verse in the beginning but it’s Drake’s vocals that really got me. I noticed right away that Drake’s singing has really improved. He’s much more smooth.

I listened to God Forgives, I Don’t and I can say that Ross did deliver. Like always, The Boss does have a magnificent ear for beats.

As promised, 2 Chainz releases his brand new record from his highly anticipated album, Based On A T.R.U. Story which is coming August 14. Birthday Song is produced by Sonny Digital and Kanye West. There was so much hyped built on this track, I was expecting something crazier. Maybe the more I play this song, the more I will like it. But I still prefer No Lie. Imma still yell TRUUUUUU though!

Next month, Wiz Khalifa will be releasing his new album O.N.I.F.C. and until then he has been dropping new tracks. Far From Coach is produced by Cozmo and features The Game and Stat Quo. This that smoke-up-usual Wiz record. So chillax and light it up.

Download: Wiz Khalifa – From From Coach (feat. Game & Stat Quo)

I wanna print this epic fucking cover, make it a wallpaper and put it all over the walls in my room!

Get to know Kanye West’s GOOD Music clique in Complex magazine’s newest interview.

Not even a full year after the release of the debut album “What I Stand For” J Shiltz is primed to release the next installment: “Still Standing”.  The first single, “Put In Work”, showcases the vocal styling’s of none other then R&B mainstay Ray Robinson, not to mention production from the prolific and illustrious Rich Kidd.  Expect a slew of singles and videos in anticipation of “Still Standing”, scheduled to drop September 2012.

I am really feeling this new track from J Shiltz. Rich Kidd’s production is pretty ill and Shiltz flow is smooth. Feels like an old school 90s hip-hop record.

UGH! Ricky Rozay is the king of the south, Dr. Dre is the king of the west, and Jay-Z is king of the east. Together the 3 Kings link up on a record together for Rozay’s fifth album, God Forgives, I Don’t. Out of the three kings, Jay-Z delivers the hottest verse. Surprisingly, this track is not produced by Dr. Dre, but by Jake One. If I was Rozay, I would have asked Dr. Dre to make the beat cause we all know he can afford it. God Forgives, I Don’t better be good, or else Rozay will have to do a lot of forgiving.

Oh yea, this is street certified! So ignorant and soooooo fucking EPIC! Gunplay is slowly becoming my favourite rapper right now. His verse on the Self Made Vol. 2 track ‘Power Circle’ was crazy and the track ‘Black On Black’ was insane. Just two weeks ago, Gunplay signed a solo deal with Def Jam and releases his new single ‘Real Niggas’.

Toronto’s very own, Noah ’40’ Shebib has touched a Nas record! So far gone, you damn right. Bye Baby is Nas’ last song on his album Life Is Good and it’s a classic. The beat is amazing and Nas is flow is, like always, amazing. There has been so much fucking good music out this summer, it’s crazy! Pick up Life Is Good on July 17.

Wiz Khalifa decided to start the week off with a brand new track for us. Featuring Busta Rhymes, Different Cloth is a fucking smooth record. Another smokers anthem. I wouldn’t think that Busta and Wiz would connect. Just like the 50 and Wiz record. Hopefully there will be some more surprises on O.N.I.F.C next month.

The boss aka Rick Ross releases the titles to his upcoming album, God Forgive, I Don’t. It’s pretty boss that Ross got Dr. Dre and Jay-Z on a record. I’m excited to hear how this turned out. I know the beats will be cinematic because Ross has an ear for that type of music. Also, Maybach Music IV…. YES YES!

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