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WOW, I haven’t seen a VHS camera in years! For Toro y Moi’s new video, Never Matter, they send a girl out to a garage sale and get people to listen to the song. Judging by everyones first reaction, they seem to love Toro y Moi. Their album did come out in January but with the summer season coming up you will want to have Anything In Return in your playlist.

The internet was thirsty for a leak this week for Tyler’s second album, WOLF. When it did leak I caved and gave it a listen. When I listened to Tyler’s Goblin I really didn’t know what I was getting in to. But after listening to it, I thought it was amazing! While Goblin was dark and angry, WOLF is the complete opposite, being much more calmer. I feel like Tyler sat down with Pharrell during the process of WOLF because it really reminds me more of The Neptunes. Check out the video for Tyler’s track ‘IFHY’ (I fucking hate you) from WOLF which features smooth vocals from Pharrell. So far, I am really loving WOLF. It’s definitely an album you wanna play all summer.

Definitely one of my favourite mixtapes from last year, Don’t Be S.A.F.E., Trinidad James releases his newest video for the track Female$ Welcomed. I love how the tempo changes half through the song; hip-hop to dance. Now James just has to drop an album soon!

The best move that Omarion made throughout his whole career was signing with Maybach Music Group. Rick Ross is a genius, and he is the “P.Diddy” of this generation. Ross restarted Wale’s career and now he’s about to do the same with Omarion. Paradise is an powerful classic R&B song and his mixtape, Care Package, is great. I can’t wait to hear how his album will sound like.

Errbody get up! Robin Thicke returns to the music scene with my idol Pharrell and Tip. Watching this video made me laugh out loud! It looks like it was such a fun video to shoot. I’m glad that Thicke is back making music with Pharrell. I can’t wait to hear the new album.

I went and bought my copy of The 20/20 Experience on release day and I hope all of you do the same! It’s really great to hear Timberlake making music again. Rumour has it that there might be a 20/20 Experience 2 coming out this fall, but I think that will happened next year or the year after. Since the song was about Timberlake’s wife, I was really expecting that Jessica Biel would make an appearance.

My favourite Canadian rapper, JD Era, releases his latest video for my favourite track off his free mixtape No Handouts. I love how Era pokes fun at the saying “you from Canada eh?” For real, I’ve gotten this so many times when I travel it’s hilarious! I also love how this video made me feel very patriotic!


I still can’t stop listening to Rihanna’s Unapologetic and one of my favourite tracks off the album gets a remix. Since Rihanna can’t have fun alone, she grabs Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Juicy J, and Tip. My favourite verse has to be Jeezy’s then Tip. Though I love Ross, he didn’t fit right in the song.

Simple Things-jarell-perry

I talked about Jarell Perry earlier this month when he released his remix of “Aviation High”. Now the LA rising R&B star released his debut solo LP, Simple Things, for free! Perry has worked with artists like Fat Joe, Usher, and Diplo, but now it’s his turn to shine. While grounded in alternative R&B, Simple Things tours through Perry’s many influences, including indie-acoustic, dubstep and chill-wave. It’s hard for me to pick my favourite tracks but I love “Healing”, “Getaway”, and “First Time”. You’ll hear a range of different sounds on Simple Things, and it shows that Perry can adapt to any genre. This is isn’t the first time, nor the last time you’ll hear of Perry. He’s just getting started!

Download: Jarell Perry – Simple Things LP

I don’t care how raunchy the lyrics are, this beat is smooth in the ears! Montana may not be a good rapper but he knows how to make hits. Curren$y on the other hand knows how to set a smokers mood.