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Any song that Pharrell releases makes me happy! This track will be available on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. Pharrell produced the first soundtrack and it featured some amazing original songs, I can’t wait to hear what he has created the second time around.

As Drake prepares his new album and helps his new artist PARTYNEXTDOOR become a sensation, The Weeknd drops a new track from his highly anticipated album Kiss Land. I don’t know about you all, but I have been waiting for some new tunes from Abel and I love this single! Drake can try all he wants, he will never replace The Weeknd.


April fourth and fifth is Drizzy Weekend.


When I heard that Jessie Ware was gonna be singing her vocals on Mayer Hawthorne, I knew it was gonna love it! I am not a huge fan of Hawthorne, I listened to his last album and it wasn’t for me. I really love the sound he is taking on Her Favourite Song (that’s right I put a U in there!). I was expecting Ware to sing more on the sing but I’ll take what I can get.

It’s always some deep shit with Kendrick Lamar; from his lyrics to his videos. I am hoping Lamar makes another video for the JAY Z remix, even though he doesn’t need to.


There’s a PARTYNEXTDOOR and we’re all invited! Seems like Drake is trying to fill in those XO shoes with a new artist but only time will tell how far a co-sign will go. But this has been on repeat the whole day! It burns so smooth in the ears.

Still refuse to put a hashtag on the new Mariah Carey song. She looks damn fine in this video! This has been on my repeat playlist this week and it’s because I can’t get enough of Miguel’s voice. I think these two should keep making beautiful music together.

Man, oh man. This is my favourite hip-hop out right now. Why? because the shit is dangerous. Pusha T’s verse can’t be matched and the beat is so dark that it feels so good. The video definitely fits the song. Yeezy The God and Chief Keef also makes a short appearance. My Name Is My Name comes out July 16.


Burn. Burn. Burn. BURN! It’s about damn time these two made a single together. The-Dream has being making chart killing singles for Jay-Z’s family for years, so a little verse can’t hurt nobody. The song overall isn’t that great. I think the beat didn’t do it for me. But you know me, I can’t hate anything if Jay-Z is on it! BURN!


“Over the years, my fans have been so loyal and the love I’ve been receiving from them is the very reason why I do this. It makes everything worthwhile. I figured the best way to start this off is to make it personal between my fans and I, or anyone discovering my music for the first time. ‘Can’t Say Love’ is a new beginning for me, but has a familiar sound that will undoubtedly connect with anyone taking the time to listen.” – Glenn Lewis

I cannot tell you how long how I’ve been waiting for a new album from Glenn Lewis…. TOO LONG! But I knew that when Lewis comes back, he will be better then ever. Can’t Say Love is a great classic R&B record that features Lewis amazing vocals. This is true R&B music! The new album, Moment of Truth, comes out August 30, 2013 and will feature production by Carvin & Ivan, and Dre & Vidal.

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