“Over the years, my fans have been so loyal and the love I’ve been receiving from them is the very reason why I do this. It makes everything worthwhile. I figured the best way to start this off is to make it personal between my fans and I, or anyone discovering my music for the first time. ‘Can’t Say Love’ is a new beginning for me, but has a familiar sound that will undoubtedly connect with anyone taking the time to listen.” – Glenn Lewis

I cannot tell you how long how I’ve been waiting for a new album from Glenn Lewis…. TOO LONG! But I knew that when Lewis comes back, he will be better then ever. Can’t Say Love is a great classic R&B record that features Lewis amazing vocals. This is true R&B music! The new album, Moment of Truth, comes out August 30, 2013 and will feature production by Carvin & Ivan, and Dre & Vidal.